Never have our gardens been so crucial, so important for us and the environment, as now. We actually have control over what happens in our gardens, large or small, and we can therefore really help nature thrive.
Pressures to build vast new housing estates, big new roads, to maintain massive areas of intensive agriculture,all continue to take their toll on our wildlife.
In Professor Dave Goulsons latest book ‘The Garden Jungle, gardening to save the planet’, the author explains how our lives and ultimately the fate of human kind are inextricably intertwined with that of earwigs, bees lacewings and hoverflies; for anyone who has a garden and cares about the planet we gardeners might just save the planet and in so doing save ourselves!
You don’t have to be an expert ecologist to wildlife garden, often its more about letting go and not being so neat and tidy, allowing areas of your garden to become more wild.
One of the greatest heroines of wildlife gardening was Jennifer Owen who spent from 1970 to 2010 cataloguing the wild creature she found on her 0.07 hectare garden in Leicester, over 35 years she identified no less than 2,673 different species, this really illustrates how important our wildlife gardens are!
On Sunday June 19th 2022 the South Yare Wildlife Group, who have been promoting ‘Wild Patch’ gardening for a number of years, are showcasing ‘Wild Patch Wildlife Open Gardens’. They are inviting people to visit a range of local gardens that provide a diverse approach to wildlife gardening. Gardeners will be on hand to share ideas and inspirations and this will also provide an opportunity for you to relate your experiences and visions too.
SYWG website and Face book page will have more information nearer the time and you can also email for more details.