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Privacy policy

This page outlines the South Yare Wildlife Group’s policies on privacy, data protection and retention.


By completing the South Yare Wildlife Group Membership Form or email registration, the South Yare Wildlife Group (SYWG) understands that you have given us consent to contact you as detailed below.

SYWG would like to keep a record of your contact details so we can recognise you, contact you, and respond appropriately to your enquiries. Your information is kept securely, solely for the purposes of SYWG. We do not trade personal data with third parties.

How we contact you

SYWG will contact you by email unless you have specified otherwise on your membership form. Occasionally we may have cause to contact you by telephone to cancel or change an arrangement.

Data Protection and Retention Policy

This policy applies to the South Yare Wildlife Group, charity reference number: XT31995. All information is collected and processed in accordance with current UK Data Protection legislation. You can view Data Protection Principles at

Subscribed members

SYWG keep your data so that we can send you (as applicable) our thanks, newsletters, updates, and invitations to events and activities. We will only phone you in person if absolutely necessary.

Retention and deletion

Your details will be kept for no longer than 2 years after your last payment or consent, and then deleted.

Accessing the information we hold

To see, correct, or update the personal information SYWG hold about you please contact us on

Withdrawing your details

SYWG will not contact you if you have asked us not to, and all personal information will be deleted. If you wish to unsubscribe from any particular form of communication from SYWG or to have all your details removed, please contact


The database containing your membership details is password protected, not connected to the internet, and can only be accessed by SYWG. Personal information you supply for our newsletter subscription and Wild Patch registration are held on our web host’s secure server, which meets current regulatory standards. SYWG do not share personal data with third parties without permission, except where necessary for crime prevention and detection, or if required to do so by law. SYWG does not trade personal data and we not use it for personal profiling, screening or research.

View a PDF version of our policy on data protection

(Last updated October 2018)