fair on the yare 2018
With the sun shining and over 200 visitors, the SYWG team had a very successful day at Fair on the Yare in June.
Whilst we spread the Wild Patch message, we also learnt how much people know about Pollinators through their participation in our Pollinator Quiz. 
We learnt that lots of people are interested in pollinators. We learnt that most people are not members of a wildlife organisation. More than two thirds were not. We learnt that more than two thirds of people who are members are at least 60 years of age.
About two thirds of participants scored 70% or more but only 10 out of 118 managed to get 100%. While not bad, there is room for improvement. A B grade average is one way of describing it. Improving on this is something the SYWG can prioritise.
A real stand out from the answers sheets was that only about half of the participants ticked the availability of water as being a way to improve a garden for pollinators. When everyone does we can utter a sigh of relief and say that one is done and dusted.
So before the dry weather returns consider creating a pond, however small, in your garden. Our Pond Information Sheet (https://southyarewildpatch.org/fact-sheets/) has some great how to tips on how you can do just this.