One idea to come out of the climate action meeting was to hold a seed swap, and Sarah has taken the bull by the horns and got on with organising this. You wanted it, we are hosting it. Bring what you can to Bramerton Village Hall on 24th April at 7pm, and let’s get swapping. Perhaps you have some spare seed for a verge, some excess preserves, or vegetable seeds ready to go in the ground this Spring. Anything like this is welcome, and as a result we can all make our gardens more wildlife-friendly.

There will be another climate action meeting on June 12th in Rockland. It feels like there is some real momentum behind this movement, but as we have said before, we as a committee cannot do this alone. We need you to get involved and help drive change in any way you can. Drop us an email, come and talk to us at an event or get in touch via the usual social channels.