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About 35 of us gathered at the top of New Inn Hill, Rockland St Mary, on a sunny and breezy Saturday afternoon for the four-mile walk.

After a brief introduction and Health & Safety talk we set off and wandered along footpaths and quiet lanes around Claxton, Rockland St Mary and Hellington. Kev stopped us at various points to talk about aspects of natural history and, at the high crossroads on Peascod Lane, asked us to look back and imagine a time when the valley would have been a huge marshy estuary. We also stopped briefly at Claxton Church where open doors welcomed us into the cool interior.

We were pleased to have several children on the walk and Kev handed over leadership to young Tom who forgot his tired legs and led us confidently along the route for the last half a mile. The afternoon had seemed to get hotter as we walked so were consequently very pleased to arrive at the Hellington and Rockland St Mary Community Reserve (HRCR) and enjoy tea and coffee, scones and cake, laid on by the HRCR committee. It was lovely to see so many people, young and old, enjoying this wonderful reserve and each others’ company on such a glorious summer’s day.

Please see some pictures of the event below:

walk and picnic briefing

Briefing before the walk


picnic and walk-2

Enjoying the local scenery



Picnic time!


refreshments HRCR

Recharging with HRCR’s refreshments